Rotary moves to virtual lunches 
In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, Hammond Rotary found themselves virtually shut down from weekly lunch meetings. In this time of uncertainty, we found ourselves cut of from each other, and a loss of our mission seemed imminent.  
To make sure that didn't happen, the officers decided to try virtual meetings.  This was a platform that had never been used before and we weren't sure how it would be received by the other members.  We were pleasantly surprised that attendance was almost as good as what we had at the luncheon meetings and some members who hadn't been able to attend in years, were now excited to be able to attend!  Suddenly, new ideas and a bigger commitment to the service projects developed.   Rotarians rose to the challenge once again!  
Once we are able to come back together, we will still allow members to log on to the meetings so that they can still participate.  We are very excited for this new platform and look forward to what we can still accomplish, even when we can't be together.